¢¾¢¾Summer Hairstyles¢¾¢¾

♥♥Hello Loggers♥♥

Today I am going to show you, the top hairstyles for in summer!

I do this because I want you girls, to feel confident when you are in summer, on the beach, with your beautiful hair♥♥


I really like this hairstyle because you don't see it a lot. You are wearing a knot (so your hair isn't going to blow in your face) and from the back, you have a little extra. This hairstyle looks cute and cool. You could mix it with a little pink dress, but also with a leather jacket!♥



I think this hairstyle is super cute!!♥♥ I think it looks great with long and medium hair. When you have short hair, this could be a hard hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for a romantic date on the beach.♥


  This curly hairstyle is super for a day trip! You look cute from the back. I would definitely wear this on my holiday!!♥



This hairstyle is very various. You can wear it every day!♥ It's casual, cool and cute, super for the beach and of course in the city♥♥



This hairstyle is one of my favourites! It's so beautiful♥♥ I think you can describe it as cool and cute. You could also put a ribbon in your hair, then it would look a bit more cute, but without, it is nice too!♥♥



Bye! Love you girls♥♥





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